Win Fantasy Baseball in Five Easy Steps

by on March 5, 2011   2 Comments

Fantasy Baseball is fast approaching, so it’s time for my annual article for the fantasy-challenged.  Fantasy Baseball is only difficult to those who choose to ignore the basic, fundamental laws of probability.  Which is why the #1 rule is – draft Albert Pujols.  For the record, these rules helped me to a 2nd place finish in the 20-member Battle of the Blogs fantasy league last season (I got totally hosed in the championship, damn you Chone Figgins!).

It’s Fantasy Season

by on February 7, 2011   No Comments

For reasons that haven’t made themselves clear yet I am unofficially marking today as the opening of Fantasy Season. Recently, last year’s booms and busts(yeah yeah, you got Cargo in the 14th. I’ll put it on your epitaph) have been discussed over cold beers and crisp, clean fantasy magazines with only the faintest beginnings of chicken-scratched notes. And because I spent more of Superbowl Sunday preparing for drafts that are still over a month away than I did watching football, I feel obligated to share findings, musings and other points of interest with the readers of this post. Both of you.

In Fantasy Baseball there are few things to brag about. It’s a rarity for an owner to completely dodge the three headed monster of slumps, injuries and woulda-coulda-shoulda draft choices. You either win or you made a great pick that you can still brag about in the off-season or keep for next year. I can hear the Pavlovian drooling at the thought of my notes so we better get down to it.

Houston, We Have a Problem – the Astros

by on April 8, 2010   4 Comments

The Houston Astros racked up three losses to open the season faster than I had a chance to look at a boxscore and ask, “They have Geoff Blum hitting 5th?”

Sorry bout cha, Hunter Pence.  Buena suertes, Carlos Lee.  With Lance Berkman on the shelf until at least April 10th (but probably much later) after surgeons went back in to clean up his aching knee, you get a journey-man first-basemen Geoff Blum, with his career 162-game average of .250 and 12 homers, to protect your two only real power threats in Pence and Lee.

That’s not to leave out your table setters, OF Michael Bourn and 2B Kaz Matsui, who have respective career OBPs of .326 and .302 respectively.

Oh, and then there is the pitching staff….