Offseason Needs: St. Louis Cardinals

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As a Cardinal fan the 2010 season can’t be considered anything less than a bitter disappointment. Take into consideration the following; Re-signing Matt Holliday, a superstar rookie season from relative unknown Jaime Garcia, 230+ innings out of both Wainwright and Carpenter, an MVP worthy season from Albert Pujols, the increasing power production of Colby Rasmus and the acquisition of Jake Westbrook  was enough to keep the Cardinals comfortably in *second place*. We can almost say it’s “Cubs-eqsue” to come into a season with such high expectations only to disappoint so thoroughly. LaRussa and Duncan are coming back again as is  a great bulk of the roster, but finishing 5 games behind Cincinnati should make it obvious to anyone that there are some gaps needing filled.

Nationals take Harper #1, Cox falls to Cards at #25

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The MLB Amateur Draft kicked off yesterday, and the number one overall pick came as no surprise.  17-year old phenom Bryce Harper was selected with the first overall pick by the Washington Nationals, as the Nationals decided that Harper’s raw talent outweighed any “character issues” some claimed could be a problem with Harper.  In all likelihood, there was never really any doubt in Washington as to who they would select first overall.

The 6 foot 3 inch Harper is widely regarded as the “LeBron James of baseball,” gaining national attention when he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated at age 16.  Harper dropped out of high school in 2009 and obtained his GED, making him eligible for this years draft.

Harper enrolled in a community college, the College of Southern Nevada, and batted .442, with a .542 OBP and an absurd .986 slugging percentage.  Harper also smashed the school record of homeruns (12) by swatting 31 this past season.

Although Harper is currently a catcher, there is thought of him switching positions.  If Harper transitions to a corner outfield position, many believe he could reach the Majors within 3 years.  However, Harper will be most valuable to the Nationals as a catcher because of his incredible bat and there is still a possibility that he may remain a catcher because of this reason.

The Pittsburgh Pirates took 6 foot 7 inch right hander Jameson Tallion with the second overall pick.  The 18-year old pitcher attended The Woodlands High School in Texas, the same school that produced former Phillies first round pick and current Blue Jays prospect Kyle Drabek.  Tallion is raw, but has tremendous upside, with a fastball that tops out at 99 miles per hour and a plus-curveball.

The rest of the first round of the draft looked like this:

Flying Under the Radar- Cardinals Pitching

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Throughout the off-season the St. Louis Cardinals created one of the biggest storylines with the re-signing of free agent left fielder Matt Holliday. This signing received, and deservingly so, much attention because of the effect that Holliday’s bat should have on the way pitchers throw to Albert Pujols. However through all of the noise that this offense has created, the red bird pitching is flying under the radar.

Howard for Pujols?

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It’s a trade that is more likely to be considered in your fantasy baseball league or on your new version of MLB 2K10, but ESPN’s Buster Olney has reported that the Philadelphia Phillies have “internally discussed” a deal that would send Ryan Howard (and presumably multiple prospects) to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Albert Pujols.

McGwire’s Steroid Admission Surprises Nobody

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McGwire gave his long-awaited admission to using steroids throughout the 90s, including during his record-breaking season of 1998. His remorseful statements were torn apart by most in the media, who ripped Big Mac for trying to play the victim. However, my view couldn’t be more different…

Cuban LHPs Chapman, Arguelles sign

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Cuban defectors and LHPs Aroldis Chapman and Noel Arguelles are close to officially signing with the Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals, respectively. Both players will get reported 5-year Major League deals, but dollar amounts different greatly, with close to $30 million going to Chapman and somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million going to Arguelles.

The bidding wars brought on by these high profile international free agents is embarrassing for the sport of baseball and should put to an end with an international draft. Read more to see our reasoning.

Holliday Signs with Cardinals

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Slugger Matt Holliday has made it official with the St. Louis Cardinals and will make $120 million dollars over the next seven years. St. Louis has a habit of turning out great teams, but you have to be a little nervous in this day and age signing contracts of that length for that much money. The Cards have some dough, but not as much as the big boys (like the Red Sox who can afford to replace a hurt $12 million dollar 3B with a free agent for $9 million).