Feelings On “Pitch Count”

by on February 8, 2010   6 Comments

I remember a game last season…  Braves are winning 3-1, top of the 7th inning, the pitcher’s spot is up to bat.  Bobby Cox pinch hits Greg Norton, who is hitting all of .150.  Why not just leave Kawakami in to hit?   This makes no sense to me.   And why did you take him out in the first place?  Forget the pitch count, let’s play ball!

Nolan Ryan pitched 26 complete games and 7 no-hitters.  Guess how many Braves have pitched a complete game in the past 5 years?  Well… I actually don’t know, but I bet you it’s 5 or less.  “Pitch count” has become all too common for me.  I’ve seen this WAY too many times the past few years… a pitcher will get pulled prematurely because of a hit, a walk, or PITCH COUNT.  I completely understand the idea of saving young pitchers arms, but there has to be a happy medium.