Dark Horse Teams

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It’s easy to start predicting great things for teams who have added big-name players and have a recent history of success. Even then, a team could disappoint you due to injuries or a simple failure to live up to the hype. This season the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox are the teams for which you could make such rosy predictions.

It’s a lot more difficult to choose the team that really comes together. Last season it was the Cincinnati Reds, a couple seasons before it was the Tampa Bay Rays, and just before that was the Colorado Rockies. These are usually young teams who finally develop some consistency. Dark horse teams are difficult to predict and if you do it correctly you look like a genius. In my attempt to look like a baseball Nostradamus, I offer my dark horse candidates from each league:

Top American League Off Season Moves By Division

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While the National League added some of the better pitchers in the game, the American League retained some of the top hitters on the market and added to their list of elite hitters at the National League’s expense. This is the second list of teams that have improved themselves within their divisions. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean these teams will do the best when the season begins, just that they have made the best off season moves so far.

Dream a Little Dream

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Ah, how I love early season baseball.  Where the Blue Jays and Rays are tied atop the AL East, Garrett Jones of the Pirates is tops in the NL is home runs, and Dallas Braden (who?) of the Oakland Athletics is your Major League strikeout champion.  One can dream, can’t he?  Oh, so harsh, that reality, and great equalizer, that is 162 games that takes into account not just the level of talent in the big leagues, but the depth of the entire organization.  But screw it, here is your 4-game award winners:

Top Fantasy Players in AL West

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Here is a look as to who I believe would be the best player available at each position from the AL West in 2010 Fantasy Baseball.  There are only four teams in this division so there are not as many choices as is the case with the rest of baseballs division’s but there is still plenty of talent.  Also included on the list are five close call players or quality backups worth having on your team from out west.                                                                                                                 

Win Fantasy Baseball in 10 Easy Steps

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I’ve cracked the fantasy baseball code and I feel inclined to share the wealth.  Like me, you can win your fantasy baseball league just following these ten easy steps.  And RULE #1 is – Draft Albert Pujols.

Have Bat, Can Hit – Free Agent Sluggers

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Free Agent slugger Jermaine Dye (left) is among a group of free agents with impact bats that MLB clubs can currently pick up for rock-bottom prices.  The only question is, what’s the hold up?  Here is one theory.

Cuban LHPs Chapman, Arguelles sign

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Cuban defectors and LHPs Aroldis Chapman and Noel Arguelles are close to officially signing with the Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals, respectively. Both players will get reported 5-year Major League deals, but dollar amounts different greatly, with close to $30 million going to Chapman and somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million going to Arguelles.

The bidding wars brought on by these high profile international free agents is embarrassing for the sport of baseball and should put to an end with an international draft. Read more to see our reasoning.