Dark Horse Teams

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It’s easy to start predicting great things for teams who have added big-name players and have a recent history of success. Even then, a team could disappoint you due to injuries or a simple failure to live up to the hype. This season the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox are the teams for which you could make such rosy predictions.

It’s a lot more difficult to choose the team that really comes together. Last season it was the Cincinnati Reds, a couple seasons before it was the Tampa Bay Rays, and just before that was the Colorado Rockies. These are usually young teams who finally develop some consistency. Dark horse teams are difficult to predict and if you do it correctly you look like a genius. In my attempt to look like a baseball Nostradamus, I offer my dark horse candidates from each league:

Top National League Off Season Moves By Division

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There are few big names left on the Free Agent Market. Some teams may have missed out on their top choices and have resorted to their back up plans. The Texas Rangers have done this after falling short in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes by signing Brandon Webb. Webb is a gamble, but has a high reward if he can return to his 2006 Cy Young pitching form.

No team can ever fully expect to fill the holes exactly how they mapped out before the off season started.  This off season is a great example of that. Once your ideal player has been taken as a general manager you must move on to the next best option. The following is the first of two  lists of the teams that made the moves to best improve themselves within their divisions. It doesn’t take into account the long term impact a big contract may have, just how it helps the team this season.

Prince Plunking

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On September 6th, 2009, Prince Fielder hit a walk-off home run against the San Fransisco Giants (video), flies like an airplane around the bases, untucks his jersey, and when he stomps two-footed on home plate, his teammates all fall down in either a bowling pin and/or bomb-type celebration.  Yesterday was the first time Fielder faced the Giants since the incident and he took the first pitch he saw from Barry Zito in the ribs – the way it should be.  Fielder didn’t take exception, he took his base and said afterword that he hopes they can move on and play baseball – again, the way it should be.  Some people, like Mike Golic on Mike & Mike in the Morning, see no reason for this type of retaliation, which is an argument that I don’t think you need to be a baseball lifer to find completely ridiculous.

Sold! Indy Players Moving to Minors – Updated!

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Complete list of independent players who have been sold to MLB clubs this off-season.