Flying Under the Radar- Cardinals Pitching

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Throughout the off-season the St. Louis Cardinals created one of the biggest storylines with the re-signing of free agent left fielder Matt Holliday. This signing received, and deservingly so, much attention because of the effect that Holliday’s bat should have on the way pitchers throw to Albert Pujols. However through all of the noise that this offense has created, the red bird pitching is flying under the radar.

ALL MLB TEAM (Pre-Season 2010)

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Imagine another planet like Earth that also played baseball (or something along those lines, it won’t work for countries because I’m choosing the best of the best for an all MLB team which consists of players from many countries).  Who would you choose to be on your 25 man roster?   Would you choose the best overall player, the young and upcoming prospect that might save your franchise (e.g. “Jesus” Strasburg, I mean Stephen), the big game playoff performers, or your favorites from your team?  Who would you want to manage these superstars?  This is a list of those players and that coach.  However this list does not include your typical bullpen because I am doing this as more of an All-Star of All-Star’s team (or how players are chosen come All-Star time).  There are thousands of players to choose from with the options and possibilities being almost infinite.

News of the Irrelevant – NFL Owner Blasts Yankees

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Baseball’s salary situation allows the rich to get richer and the poor to break a profit with payroll a fourth of the size of the big boys.  This system takes over a dozen teams out of playoff contention before the first pitch of the season is even thrown.  Whenever one of these teams signs a player, I like to call it the, “News of the Irrelevant.”  Included in this addition – the Jays flush money down the toilet on Kevin Gregg and the Baltimore Ravens owner says what I’ve been saying for years – the Yankees should be embarrassed they can’t win more than they do.

St.Louis Cardinals Off-Season Pt.1

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The off season in St.Louis so far has been calm, yet tumultuous. Fans and players alike were primed and hoping for the return of left fielder Matt Holliday who did end up back with the ‘Birds, signing a a 7 year deal for $120 million. Though the price may seem steep to some (okay, most), it does guarantee a potent middle of the order.

MLB Free Agent Tracker – 1/15/10

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Free agents shopping continues as we inch closer to MLB spring training.  Here is the latest

Holliday Signs with Cardinals

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Slugger Matt Holliday has made it official with the St. Louis Cardinals and will make $120 million dollars over the next seven years. St. Louis has a habit of turning out great teams, but you have to be a little nervous in this day and age signing contracts of that length for that much money. The Cards have some dough, but not as much as the big boys (like the Red Sox who can afford to replace a hurt $12 million dollar 3B with a free agent for $9 million).