The Andy Oliver Trap

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It is often the case that a baseball franchise will over-hype a player for publicity sake. It is not a secret, nor should anyone be surprised by this behavior. After all if it was our decision to make (how to manage the image of your team’s players), we would be doing the exact same thing. Enhancing the image of players is an accepted practice and is not a problem. There is nothing wrong with it. However, although your average baseball fan may fall for this type of marketing technique, the avid baseball community does not usually fall into the trap. I would argue that they have fallen for it in a case which I have been following very closely: Andrew Oliver.

Top American League Off Season Moves By Division

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While the National League added some of the better pitchers in the game, the American League retained some of the top hitters on the market and added to their list of elite hitters at the National League’s expense. This is the second list of teams that have improved themselves within their divisions. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean these teams will do the best when the season begins, just that they have made the best off season moves so far.

Remembering Sparky Anderson

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While his brief playing career may have been forgettable (.218 average over 152 games for Philadelphia in 1959), George “Sparky” Anderson was anything but.

Judging by his major and minor league statistics, Sparky wasn’t a great hitter.  He wasn’t known for his superb defense, either.  When he was hired to manage the Cincinnati Reds in 1970, the headline read “Sparky Who?”  So just what was this Sparky Anderson guy?  He was a winner.  And he proved it.

In his first seven seasons managing the Reds, Anderson led the team that would become known as “The Big Red Machine” to four pennants and back-to-back World Series championships in 1975 and 1976.

Anderson took a team that had all the talent in the world, and transformed them into not just winners, but champions.  Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, George Foster, Ken Griffey, Cesar Geronimo, Tony Perez, the list goes on.  They were “The Machine,” but Sparky was the one running that machine.  And he ran it well.

Rookie Surprise

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I keep waiting for Brennan Boesh to come back down to earth, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

At the beginning of the season, I can honestly say I had no idea who this kid was. The tigers called him up in late April to replace an injured Carlos Guillen. He honestly wasn’t even supposed to replace Guillen, just take the roster spot open to him. Someone forgot to tell him that. He came up and played extremely well, still in the shadows of Austin Jackson’s strong first month in the league.

Jackson eventually took home the rookie of the month honours for April…while a strong start to Boesh’s career landed him an outfield and DH platoon eventually forcing the tigers to move Guillen to yet another position. He took home his own rookie of the month honours in May (or at least I believe I read that somewhere, but only has April’s winners listed despite it being July). Just to make sure people were noticing, he did it again in the month of June (I know I read about that month).

Why do you follow that team?

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This is a question I’m sure many out of town fans have been asked at one time or another. It just doesn’t make sense for you to not like the team in your state (or my case province).

This is especially true from my life. Born in Ontario Canada, Toronto should be my natural choice of baseball team, shouldn’t it? I mean, my earliest memories in baseball are of the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series.

My answer is that Baseball is a game of tradition and there is no exception when dealing with the fan’s perspective. True, a lot of the time it is buried within the city or states tradition as well. But there are other roots. Think back to your earliest baseball memories. Do you remember both teams that were playing? Do you remember any of the players? How were you experiencing the game? Who were you experiencing the game with?

Detroit Tigers add Tryout Camp

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It’s a big of a short notice, but the Detroit Tigers have scheduled a tryout camp on March 8th at their Tigertown complex in Lakeland, Florida.  Registration starts at 8 a.m., but is free of charge, with the tryout beginning at 9 a.m.  The Tigers encourage ex-professional and college players from the ages of 18-23 to attend.  A couple of other tryouts have been added to the Events in the premium content section of the site, which can be accessed for just $9.99/year – namely with the Golden League, Northern League, and Continental Leagues – all of which are independent professional leagues.

Damon Makes Tigers AL Central Favorites

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Pitchers and catchers are busy in MLB camps in Florida and Arizona, but a few high-impact players are still looking to sign on the dotted line.  That crowd decreased by one yesterday as Johnny Damon inked a one-year, $8 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers.  The left-handed hitting veteran isn’t your prototypical lead-off hitter, but he will be the first one to the plate on Opening Day for the Tigers in 2010.  His presence in the lineup, and left-field, will take the pressure off of rookies Austin Jackson and Scott Sizemore at the top of the lineup and continue to set the stage for GM Dave Dombroski to throw his weight around in the 2011 off-season when $50+ million, including Damon, comes off the books.

Sold! Indy Players Moving to Minors – Updated!

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Complete list of independent players who have been sold to MLB clubs this off-season.

MLB Off-Season Report Card: AL Central

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Today’s look is at the AL Central, projected finish, and update on off-season moves.

Monday Morning GM – Detroit Tigers – 12/30/09

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This edition of who’s coming, who’s going, and opinions on what the Tigers should do moving forward.