Win Fantasy Baseball in Five Easy Steps

by on March 5, 2011   2 Comments

Fantasy Baseball is fast approaching, so it’s time for my annual article for the fantasy-challenged.  Fantasy Baseball is only difficult to those who choose to ignore the basic, fundamental laws of probability.  Which is why the #1 rule is – draft Albert Pujols.  For the record, these rules helped me to a 2nd place finish in the 20-member Battle of the Blogs fantasy league last season (I got totally hosed in the championship, damn you Chone Figgins!).

Wild Card Teams

by on February 14, 2011   4 Comments

Last season’s Wild Card winning franchises are no strangers to success. The New York Yankees have failed to make the playoffs just once—in 2008—in the last 16 seasons. The Atlanta Braves returned to the playoffs, after missing five seasons in a row, but before that they had made the playoffs in 14 straight seasons. They differ in the amount of money they spend on their teams, with the Braves at a modest $86 million while the Yankees are paying their players a whopping $196 million.

Top National League Off Season Moves By Division

by on January 1, 2011   3 Comments

There are few big names left on the Free Agent Market. Some teams may have missed out on their top choices and have resorted to their back up plans. The Texas Rangers have done this after falling short in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes by signing Brandon Webb. Webb is a gamble, but has a high reward if he can return to his 2006 Cy Young pitching form.

No team can ever fully expect to fill the holes exactly how they mapped out before the off season started.  This off season is a great example of that. Once your ideal player has been taken as a general manager you must move on to the next best option. The following is the first of two  lists of the teams that made the moves to best improve themselves within their divisions. It doesn’t take into account the long term impact a big contract may have, just how it helps the team this season.

Behold, Uggla the Brave

by on November 17, 2010   8 Comments

We Braves fans are all too familiar with Dan Uggla.  He is fondly referred to as “The Braves Killer” in Hotlanta, due to his modest .340 batting avg at The Ted.  Well, yesterday Braves GM Frank Wren traded diamond wizard Omar Infante and rookie Mike Dunn to Florida for Uggla.

News of the Irrelevant – NFL Owner Blasts Yankees

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Baseball’s salary situation allows the rich to get richer and the poor to break a profit with payroll a fourth of the size of the big boys.  This system takes over a dozen teams out of playoff contention before the first pitch of the season is even thrown.  Whenever one of these teams signs a player, I like to call it the, “News of the Irrelevant.”  Included in this addition – the Jays flush money down the toilet on Kevin Gregg and the Baltimore Ravens owner says what I’ve been saying for years – the Yankees should be embarrassed they can’t win more than they do.