Bobby’s Last Stand

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As Bobby Cox enters his final year as the Atlanta Braves manager, I find myself feeling both nostalgic and eager for a new skipper.  Us Braves fans have always held Bobby in high regard.  I mean, he  is the fourth-winningest manager in Major League history, has the most wins of any Braves manager, four Manager of the Year awards, the all-time ejection record, the only person (player or manager) to get ejected from 2 World Series games, and took the Braves to 14 consecutive division titles.  However, in light of the past 3 seasons, I am ready for something new.

Paging Dr. Hype – Jason Heyward Line 1

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My friends over at offer the following definition of hype – “Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion.”  Such is the case with Braves 20-year old outfielder Jason Heyward, who has a chance to be the opening day starter in LF for the Braves.

In case you don’t follow minor league baseball or the MLB draft, Heyward was recently tabbed as the #1 prospect in MLB by  To give you an idea of how highly people think of him, the #2 prospect by is a 6’4″, 220-pound, 22-year old named Stephen Strasburg, who throws 103 miles per hour and has Olympic experience under his belt, pitching for Team USA in the 2008 Bejing Games.

Fellow Braves had a chance to add their sound byte to the Jason Heyward prospect profile – keep in mind while reading these that he has 11 at-bats above triple-A.

Feelings On “Pitch Count”

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I remember a game last season…  Braves are winning 3-1, top of the 7th inning, the pitcher’s spot is up to bat.  Bobby Cox pinch hits Greg Norton, who is hitting all of .150.  Why not just leave Kawakami in to hit?   This makes no sense to me.   And why did you take him out in the first place?  Forget the pitch count, let’s play ball!

Nolan Ryan pitched 26 complete games and 7 no-hitters.  Guess how many Braves have pitched a complete game in the past 5 years?  Well… I actually don’t know, but I bet you it’s 5 or less.  “Pitch count” has become all too common for me.  I’ve seen this WAY too many times the past few years… a pitcher will get pulled prematurely because of a hit, a walk, or PITCH COUNT.  I completely understand the idea of saving young pitchers arms, but there has to be a happy medium.