2011 Off Season Free Agents

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Money has a funny way of inspiring people to perform even better than expected. This is true in several career paths and certainly doesn’t exclude baseball. In baseball, the money up for grabs is anywhere from the league minimum of $400,000 to the $27.5 million Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees makes annually. Salaries are based on a combination of what a player has done and what is reasonable to expect he can do. Top performers in their mid- to late twenties and early thirties are those who can expect the big bucks. Players can either sign a contract extension with their current team or they can wait until their contract expires and they become a free agent. Both scenarios have pros and cons.

As far as a contract extension goes, it is guaranteed money, and who doesn’t like job security? Baseball is a gruelling sport and every player is one injury away from seeing his career end. With a long-term contract, even if the unthinkable happens, the injured player still gets paid. Free agency, on the other hand, usually means a lot more money. It can also be a strong motivator for good players to have great seasons. (Adrian Beltre’s 2004 and 2010 seasons anyone?)

The Best Team in Baseball – Tampa Bay Rays

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Who leads the MLB in runs scored, the AL in ERA, and has a team fielding percentage of .984?

That would be the best team in baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Rays are near the top in almost every statistical category both offensively and defensively.  With the pick-up of Rafael Soriano, the Rays patched their achilles heel over the past couple of seasons – the back-end of the bullpen.  The only problem so far is, they haven’t needed him.  The Rays have scored 142 runs this year and only allowed 72, so Soriano hasn’t had a ton of important innings yet, only locking down 5 saves.

ALL MLB TEAM (Pre-Season 2010)

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Imagine another planet like Earth that also played baseball (or something along those lines, it won’t work for countries because I’m choosing the best of the best for an all MLB team which consists of players from many countries).  Who would you choose to be on your 25 man roster?   Would you choose the best overall player, the young and upcoming prospect that might save your franchise (e.g. “Jesus” Strasburg, I mean Stephen), the big game playoff performers, or your favorites from your team?  Who would you want to manage these superstars?  This is a list of those players and that coach.  However this list does not include your typical bullpen because I am doing this as more of an All-Star of All-Star’s team (or how players are chosen come All-Star time).  There are thousands of players to choose from with the options and possibilities being almost infinite.

Win Fantasy Baseball in 10 Easy Steps

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I’ve cracked the fantasy baseball code and I feel inclined to share the wealth.  Like me, you can win your fantasy baseball league just following these ten easy steps.  And RULE #1 is – Draft Albert Pujols.

Cinderella Story Waiting in Camden Yards?

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Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein have the money, but Andy McPhail gets the GM of the Year Award in the American League East for very quietly putting together a team built with a core group of young talent and inexpensive veterans.  Impact prospects for 2010 include catcher Matt Weiters, LHP Brian Matusz, RHP Chris Tillman, and OF Nolan Riemold while 3B Josh Bell and 1B Michael Aubrey are not far off from being terrific Major Leaguers in their own right.  Past All-Stars Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Brian Roberts are in their prime, while veteran additions of RHP Kevin Millwood, 3B Miguel Tejada, 1B Garrett Atkins, and LHP Mike Gonzalez could help the O’s be the Rays of 2008.  Yeah, I said it.

Is it time to let Pete Rose back in baseball?

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August 2, 1992.  Nearly 17 1/2 years ago, it was supposed to be Pete Rose’s big day.  The day Charlie Hustle, the Major League Baseball Hit King, would have been inducted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  A day where Rose would have overshadowed everyone else at the ceremony, because that’s who he was.  But it never happened.

McGwire’s Steroid Admission Surprises Nobody

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McGwire gave his long-awaited admission to using steroids throughout the 90s, including during his record-breaking season of 1998. His remorseful statements were torn apart by most in the media, who ripped Big Mac for trying to play the victim. However, my view couldn’t be more different…

Beltre signs with Red Sox, proves a cap is needed

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Adrian Beltre is reportedly close to signing a one-year contract with a one-year option with the Boston Red Sox for $9 million, $5 million for the option year with a $1 million buyout.  Read more to see why we believe this signing proves MLB needs a salary cap.