Win Fantasy Baseball in Five Easy Steps

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Fantasy Baseball is fast approaching, so it’s time for my annual article for the fantasy-challenged.  Fantasy Baseball is only difficult to those who choose to ignore the basic, fundamental laws of probability.  Which is why the #1 rule is – draft Albert Pujols.  For the record, these rules helped me to a 2nd place finish in the 20-member Battle of the Blogs fantasy league last season (I got totally hosed in the championship, damn you Chone Figgins!).

2011 Off Season Free Agents

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Money has a funny way of inspiring people to perform even better than expected. This is true in several career paths and certainly doesn’t exclude baseball. In baseball, the money up for grabs is anywhere from the league minimum of $400,000 to the $27.5 million Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees makes annually. Salaries are based on a combination of what a player has done and what is reasonable to expect he can do. Top performers in their mid- to late twenties and early thirties are those who can expect the big bucks. Players can either sign a contract extension with their current team or they can wait until their contract expires and they become a free agent. Both scenarios have pros and cons.

As far as a contract extension goes, it is guaranteed money, and who doesn’t like job security? Baseball is a gruelling sport and every player is one injury away from seeing his career end. With a long-term contract, even if the unthinkable happens, the injured player still gets paid. Free agency, on the other hand, usually means a lot more money. It can also be a strong motivator for good players to have great seasons. (Adrian Beltre’s 2004 and 2010 seasons anyone?)

Flying Under the Radar- Cardinals Pitching

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Throughout the off-season the St. Louis Cardinals created one of the biggest storylines with the re-signing of free agent left fielder Matt Holliday. This signing received, and deservingly so, much attention because of the effect that Holliday’s bat should have on the way pitchers throw to Albert Pujols. However through all of the noise that this offense has created, the red bird pitching is flying under the radar.

Howard for Pujols?

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It’s a trade that is more likely to be considered in your fantasy baseball league or on your new version of MLB 2K10, but ESPN’s Buster Olney has reported that the Philadelphia Phillies have “internally discussed” a deal that would send Ryan Howard (and presumably multiple prospects) to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Albert Pujols.

ALL MLB TEAM (Pre-Season 2010)

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Imagine another planet like Earth that also played baseball (or something along those lines, it won’t work for countries because I’m choosing the best of the best for an all MLB team which consists of players from many countries).  Who would you choose to be on your 25 man roster?   Would you choose the best overall player, the young and upcoming prospect that might save your franchise (e.g. “Jesus” Strasburg, I mean Stephen), the big game playoff performers, or your favorites from your team?  Who would you want to manage these superstars?  This is a list of those players and that coach.  However this list does not include your typical bullpen because I am doing this as more of an All-Star of All-Star’s team (or how players are chosen come All-Star time).  There are thousands of players to choose from with the options and possibilities being almost infinite.

Win Fantasy Baseball in 10 Easy Steps

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I’ve cracked the fantasy baseball code and I feel inclined to share the wealth.  Like me, you can win your fantasy baseball league just following these ten easy steps.  And RULE #1 is – Draft Albert Pujols.

St.Louis Cardinals Off-Season Pt.2

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My first post on the Cardinals focused primarily on the major off-season signing of Matt Holliday, the devastating middle of the order it would create, the bullpen and some other needs. This time around it’s time to focus on the supporting cast .

St.Louis Cardinals Off-Season Pt.1

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The off season in St.Louis so far has been calm, yet tumultuous. Fans and players alike were primed and hoping for the return of left fielder Matt Holliday who did end up back with the ‘Birds, signing a a 7 year deal for $120 million. Though the price may seem steep to some (okay, most), it does guarantee a potent middle of the order.

Diary of a Non-Prospect, Non-Steroid User

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I played baseball at the University of Michigan from 2000-2003 and played for (and got cut from) several independent teams in the years thereafter including the Elmira Pioneers (formerly of the CanAm League) as well as the Mid-Missouri Mavericks and Ohio Valley Redcoats (both now-defunct Frontier League teams).  I was a fringe player – a scrapper – always on the edge of making my way into the lineup, but lacked the talent and size (5’9″ and sub-170-lb most of my career) to be a prospect.  I played during the heart of the steroid era, never had to face a drug test, and had it made very plain to me by almost everyone in the baseball business that my dreams were in direct proportion to my ability to get bigger and stronger.  All that incentive with no potential consequences, but I never did steroids.  I don’t pretend I would have made the big leagues, but there is no question in my mind that had I made the decision to do steroids, it would have pushed me over the threshold that kept me from advancing in the game.