Let the Bryce Harper Watch Begin

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In case you’ve been living in a hole the past couple of years, the projected #1 pick in the 2010 draft is a catcher named Bryce Harper, a freshman at Southern Nevada Junior College.

Harper has been considered a top prospects for a long time, but made waves last year when he earned his GED as a sophomore in high school in order to enter junior college in what would be his junior year.  This maneuver helps him enter the MLB draft a year early and not delay his multi-million dollar payday any second longer than it needed to be.

So far so good for Harper, who through today is hitting .349 (15-43) with six doubles, a triple, three home runs, and 15 RBI in just 11 games.  He also boasts a .420 OBP, .744 SLG and three stolen bases.  The only place he has struggled so far is controlling the running game, only catching one of the first eight runners attempting to steal off of him.

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