February Stay Hot Award – Manny Ramirez

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As if the LA Dodgers didn’t have enough weighing them down this off-season with the on-going legal depute over team ownership as if it was the family cat during the McCourt’s divorce proceedings, Manny Ramirez threw a dagger into the heart of team moral yesterday when he was quoted saying 2010 would be his last in LA.

“I already accomplished all the things I wanted to accomplish,” Ramirez said.  “For me, all this is just extra. I know I’m not going to be here next year, so I just want to enjoy myself.”

I’m not sure anyone expected the aging slugger to stay in the National League with his defensive ability receding faster than his hairline, but it certainly can’t sit well in the clubhouse that your left fielder has admitted to having one foot out the door given the current state of the Dodgers.  Stay hot, Manny.

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