Detroit Tigers – Tough Stretch

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The tigers have opened the year with a 6-3 record, not too shabby. It is a little decieving however.

First of all, they only played the Indians three times and the Royals six, and they only managed a split against the royals. Furthermore, they couldn’t even get to these teams starting pitchers! They had to beat up on their suspect bullpens. Against starters for the season, their record is only 1 and 8!

The games against the pushover teams are over…for now anyways. This next stretch has the tigers facing teams who were winning teams last year. In fact, minus the Rays, the tigers are facing every winning team in the American League over their next 30 games. Only three of those games will be against a losing team from last year.

To top it off, they start the stretch off, on the road, on the west coast. They also do not get afternoon games on get away days.

This 30 game stretch is easily the most difficult stretch of the season. One thing is for sure, by the end of the stretch, the league will know if the tigers are for real or not. I for one am not convinced their 6-3 record is telling that they are for real.

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