Cubs deal Bradley to M’s for $9 million, Silva

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The Cubs traded Milton Bradley to the Seattle Mariners on Friday for $9 million dollars and a pitcher named Carlos Silva.  The M’s are Bradley’s 8th team in 10 years and Silva signed the worst contract in the history of baseball in 2008.

Spin it any way you want, this was a swap of terrible contracts in a desperate attempt to make something of nothing.  Hoping a change of scenery would help a slumping All-Star is a viable strategy, but when it comes to the likes of Milton Bradley, how many more people can this guy fool?  The uber-talented LF/DH had his only All-Star appearance in a free agent year in Texas two years ago, when he led the league in on-base percentage.  He used that year to cash in with the Cubs and check out on his performance, trashing Cubs’ fans along the way.  Jim Hendry, with no other choice but to move him for anything he could get, should be arrested for stealing for getting $9 million dollars from the Mariners, despite having to take pitcher Carlos Silva as part of the deal.  Silva is owed $25 million over the next two years while Bradley still has $22 million left on his deal, which means the Cubs will net $6 million in the deal and get a decent triple-A pitcher.

Silva, who was laughing all the way to bank after signing for four years and $48 million in 2008, has won just 5 games in two years in Seattle.  For his career, Silva, a sinker-slider pitcher, only strikes out 3.9 per nine innings with a 4.72 ERA and 60-64 record.  For that performance, he will make six times what our president makes in 2010.   God Bless America (and the owner who can afford to cut those kinds of checks).

Bradley, on the other hand, has some familiar faces in Ty Van Burkleo (the Bench Coach in Seattle was with Bradley in Oakland in 2007) and performance coach Steve Hecht (who was with Bradley in Texas in 2008).  Apparently, these two guys were instrumental in the deal, vouching for Bradley in the process.  Good decision, fellas, let’s see how that works out for you.

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