Freak(s) of Nature – Switch Pitcher

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Undoubtedly, most baseball fans are aware of ex-Creighton now New York Yankees minor league switch-pitcher Pat Venditte.  In case you missed his first prime time moment, take the time to check out the eight minute video above, because it is absolutely hysterical.

What you may not have heard of is that Pat Venditte isn’t alone in his ability that seems to laugh at God.  There is actually another pitcher out there with MLB caliber stuff with both arms.

2010 MLB Draft Prospect Update 4/11/10

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Mid-season update on who’s stock is up and who’s stock in down as we look ahead to the 2010 MLB Draft.

Bring Back the Bend

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Just last week, I was having dinner at the Big River Grille in downtown Chattanooga when a high school baseball team walked by.  Not one player had a bent bill.  With the help of some alcohol and the presence of my friend Keith (who can fight better than I can), I let out some of my pent up frustrations.  As they passed, I hollered, “Bend your bills!  Bend them!  Bring back the bend!!”   Most of the impressionable youngsters didn’t respond, except for one.  He looked at me as he passed by, and with a cold Clint Eastwood sort of look in his eyes, he simply said, “No.”  It was then I knew that we have a serious problem on our hands.

Top 100 Prep Prospects start with Jameson Taillon

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Five Tool Prospects is now ranking the top 100 Prep Prospects in the country with profiles and scouting reports, starting with #1 prospect Jameson Taillon.  Premium members can access these rankings and much more for just $9.99/year including the ability to leave their own detailed scouting report.

Five Tool Prospects #1 Prep Prospect RHP Jameson Taillon

Indiana Baseball Academy College Prep Prospect Rankings 11/14

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IBA’s College Prep Program’s Top Prospect Rankings through 11/14

IBA’s College Prep Program’s Top Prospects is brought to you by Five Tool Prospects ( The next College Prep event is schedule for 11/21 with Ball State Assistant Coach Pete Milas in attendance. Contact to register.