Professional Baseball Tryout Mistakes Part 1

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If you’re interested in playing independent professional baseball (indy ball), there are some classic pitfalls to avoid before you even show up at the tryout.  Mistake #1) not contacting the team(s) before you go to their tryout.  It’s ultra-important you send a short e-mail to let the tryout “decision-maker” (field manager, director of baseball operations and/or player procurement) know you’ll be attending; if you’re preregistered, you give that person/organization a chance to do some research on you.  However, in the process of contacting teams, I see many players make potentially career-crippling mistakes that are easy to avoid:

New Professional Baseball Tryouts Added to Events

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All content on the Five Tool Prospects is now free, including the “Events” section of the site, listing all of the professional baseball tryouts in the United States. We’ve recently updated this section, adding over a dozen new tryouts. If you’re an ex-college or pro player sitting around wishing you could have one last crack at your dream, this is the place to start.

New Professional Baseball Tryouts

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The Traverse City Beach Bums ( of the Frontier League will be hosting a tryout at the Indiana Baseball Academy ( on Saturday, March 26th starting at 1 P.M.  For more information on 2011 professional baseball tryouts as they are announced, become a premium member of Five Tool Prospects.

American Association Continues to Gobble United, Northern League Markets

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It’s Thanksgiving come early for the world of independent baseball, but the gobbling is not being done by a turkey, but the American Association.

Bring Back the Bend

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Just last week, I was having dinner at the Big River Grille in downtown Chattanooga when a high school baseball team walked by.  Not one player had a bent bill.  With the help of some alcohol and the presence of my friend Keith (who can fight better than I can), I let out some of my pent up frustrations.  As they passed, I hollered, “Bend your bills!  Bend them!  Bring back the bend!!”   Most of the impressionable youngsters didn’t respond, except for one.  He looked at me as he passed by, and with a cold Clint Eastwood sort of look in his eyes, he simply said, “No.”  It was then I knew that we have a serious problem on our hands.

Detroit Tigers add Tryout Camp

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It’s a big of a short notice, but the Detroit Tigers have scheduled a tryout camp on March 8th at their Tigertown complex in Lakeland, Florida.  Registration starts at 8 a.m., but is free of charge, with the tryout beginning at 9 a.m.  The Tigers encourage ex-professional and college players from the ages of 18-23 to attend.  A couple of other tryouts have been added to the Events in the premium content section of the site, which can be accessed for just $9.99/year – namely with the Golden League, Northern League, and Continental Leagues – all of which are independent professional leagues.

40 ex-Indy Players in MLB Camps

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As Director of Baseball Operations for an independent baseball team, my job description involves recruiting players who are sometimes just hours past hearing the news of their release from an MLB organization.  These conversations have a vast range in both depth and duration according to the fragility of the player’s current mental mindset, but my ability to help turn around their attitude relies on such evidence as provided by independent blogger Bob Wirz, who recently reported that over 40 players with independent experience are currently participating in Major League spring training camps.  Of course, not all of those 40 players will break camp with their Major League club at the end of March, but times are changing, and independent baseball can often provide a backdoor to the big leagues when the front door is shut in your face.  Pictured is the Pittsburgh Pirates RHP Chris Jakubauskas, claimed off waivers this off-season from the Seattle Mariners.  He spent a full season in the big leagues in 2009, including significant time in the Mariners starting rotation – his first professional baseball experience?  Getting drafted at the Frontier League Tryout Camp in 2003 by the Florence Freedom, who, get this, released him in 2004.  He spent three more seasons in Indy ball before being picked up by the Mariners in 2007, making his big league debut in 2009.  Read more for more information on the ex-Indy players in camp with MLB teams.

Play Professional Baseball in 2010

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Think you have what it takes to play baseball at a professional level?  Five Tool Prospects is your source for professional baseball tryouts from across the country (both independent and MLB).  Our list of pro tryouts can be viewed under the “Events” tab.

New events listed today include pro tryout dates and schedule for the Pensacola Pelicans, El Paso Diablos, and Fort Worth Cats of the American Association, the Brockton Rox of the CanAm League, and the Orange County Flyers of the Golden League.  Information has also been posted on the Arizona Summer League (ASL) run by the Golden Baseball League, which is a pay-to-play summer league for professional hopefuls.  Note: this is Premium content and can be accessed for only $9.99/year.

Additionally, if you are an ex-college or ex-professional player searching for a team for 2010, send us an e-mail at with your information and we will list you in our “Free Agent” prospect rankings for no charge.

Best Walk-up Song in Baseball?

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In an era when everyone has a theme song, the baseball world is no different.  Nowadays, not matter what kind of game you attend – from MLB to college and even some high schools – use walk-up songs for each hitter and intro songs for their pitchers.  Leave a comment here and let us know what the best walk-up song you’ve heard at a game.

New Pro Baseball Tryouts Announced

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As the baseball season continues to draw closer, more independent teams and MLB organizations will announce their tryout dates.  Five Tool Prospects keeps an updated list of professional tryouts, as well as that nation’s most prominent high school showcases and tournaments, in our “Events” section.

Most recently, we have added pro tryout dates and information from the independent United League and Atlantic League to this list.  The Events section of the website is Premium content and can be viewed for just $9.99 per year.  Click on “Subscribe” for payment information.