Baseball vs. Football

by on June 1, 2010   10 Comments

I frequently get harassed at work for being a baseball fan.  Most of the insults are thrown by football fans.  They love to argue how football is better, and they say things like, “There are too many games in baseball” and, “who cares about a sport where every game doesn’t matter?”  I usually reply by giving a couple of “come from behind wins in the 9th” examples and insults to their mothers.

Baseball Movie Review – Sugar

by on April 22, 2010   No Comments

The movie Sugar came out on limited release in April of last year and it took me a year to get it via NetFlix, but all the hype was worth the wait – and I wasn’t disapointed.  Sugar is the account of a teenage Dominican, signed at 16 and playing at a Major League Academy in the Dominican, getting the call at age 18 to play in the Low-A Midwest League in the United States with the Swing of the Quad Cities (now the Quad City River Bandits).

Best Baseball Movies of All-Time

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If you love baseball, then you love baseball movies.  More specifically, you love baseball comedies.  Since baseball is such a difficult game, filled with eccentric personalities and odd characters, it makes for a great subject for funny movies.  Sometimes film makers try to mix drama, romance, or action into the storyline, but the comedic relief always comes from the baseball.

Here are some of the best baseball movies of all-time by category, starting with the Best Baseball Cult Classic of All-Time – Bing Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motors Kings (pictured).