Braves Update – Week 2

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After getting slaughtered and left out to dry Monday night, the Braves tied up the series with the Padres 1-1 last night, after a 6-1 win.  By the way… what was up with the Padres uniforms last night?  I’m all for supporting our troops and all, but man, those things were ugly.

Monday night gave us Braves fans reason to believe, yet again, that 2010 might be another 2007 and 2008 all over again.  Here’s the deal, Jurrjens gave up 6 runs in 4 innings, and only he can be blamed for that.  He just had a downright awful outing.  It happens.  So Bobby takes him out in the 4th and I’m thinking, “Okay, this game is still salvageable.  It’s 6-0, but we have what it takes to tie this thing up.”  Then, Bobby puts in Jo Jo Reyes?  Really?  I mean really?  This guy was a disaster last year as a starter, then reliever, then sent back down to AAA.  He was invited to Spring Training this year, he did okay, then made the team, because Bobby wants to give him a chance.  Players love Bobby because he believes in them, takes up for them, gives them lots of chances… but there’s a fine line between giving a guy a chance and wanting to win.  Jo Jo gave up 2 home runs, and a slew of hits, all for a whopping 10 runs.  Argh.

Last night looked more like the Braves we’ve seen all throughout Spring Training and the first week of the season.  Hanson pitched great with 7 Ks.  Side note – Tommy pitches better with the beard.  McCann had a couple of sick doubles to turn things around, followed by a mammoth blast by Troy Glaus.  Wagner shut them down in the 9th, and the Braves won 6-1.

Ah baseball season.  Don’t stop the chop.

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