Best Baseball Movies of All-Time

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If you love baseball, then you love baseball movies.  More specifically, you love baseball comedies.  Since baseball is such a difficult game, filled with eccentric personalities and odd characters, it makes for a great subject for funny movies.  Sometimes film makers try to mix drama, romance, or action into the storyline, but the comedic relief always comes from the baseball.

Here are some of the best baseball movies of all-time by category, starting with the Best Baseball Cult Classic of All-Time – Bing Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motors Kings (pictured).

Best R-rated Comedy – Major League

Best R-rated Comedy (honorable mention) – Bull Durham, Bad News Bears, Beer Leagues, Hardball, Long Gone

Best PG/PG-13 Comedy – A League of Their Own

Best PG/PG-13 Comedy (honorable mention) – Benchwarmers, Mr. Baseball, Major League 2, The Scout

Best Chick Flick – Fever Pitch

Best Chick Flick (honorable mention) – For Love of the Game

Best Drama – Field of Dreams

Best Drama (honorable mention) -Bang the Drum Slowly, Sugar, Cobb, Eight Men Out, The Natural, The Pride of the Yankees, 61*, Talent for the Game

Best Action/Thriller – The Fan

Best Family – Little Big League

Best Family (honorable mention) – The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield, The Rookie

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