True Way to “Realign” The Show

by on March 12, 2010   4 Comments

Truly the best way to keep baseball in its current mind state, and even making it better possibly, would be by putting in a salary cap.  This would level out the playing field and keep all the past traditions and rivalries in place.  Put the salary limit at roughly 110-20 million (hard for NYs , BOS, LAs , and a few others) with a minimum at 50-60 million (the owners can agree on the dollar amount, depending on how much the top wants to give to the bottom and their must be a minimum, for true equal competition) (I know the lower end teams are being forced to spend the revenue tax <Marlins= Hanley Rameriz> but the top needs to have a cap to make the current proposal really work).  Give teams 2 or 3 years deadline to make the cap and results would be shocking (I think so).  Some clubs would be forced to trade major players or even stars for prospects and the bottom clubs would have to do vice verse (Yankees and Red Sox players going to teams like Kansas City, San Diego, Florida, and Oakland).    

ALL MLB TEAM (Pre-Season 2010)

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Imagine another planet like Earth that also played baseball (or something along those lines, it won’t work for countries because I’m choosing the best of the best for an all MLB team which consists of players from many countries).  Who would you choose to be on your 25 man roster?   Would you choose the best overall player, the young and upcoming prospect that might save your franchise (e.g. “Jesus” Strasburg, I mean Stephen), the big game playoff performers, or your favorites from your team?  Who would you want to manage these superstars?  This is a list of those players and that coach.  However this list does not include your typical bullpen because I am doing this as more of an All-Star of All-Star’s team (or how players are chosen come All-Star time).  There are thousands of players to choose from with the options and possibilities being almost infinite.

Top Fantasy Players in AL West

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Here is a look as to who I believe would be the best player available at each position from the AL West in 2010 Fantasy Baseball.  There are only four teams in this division so there are not as many choices as is the case with the rest of baseballs division’s but there is still plenty of talent.  Also included on the list are five close call players or quality backups worth having on your team from out west.                                                                                                                 

Scioscia and the Front Office Lead Angels

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The Angels lost three key contributors to free agency this off-season with the departure of Chone Figgins (Seattle Mariners), Vladimir Guerrero (Texas Rangers), and John Lackey (Boston Red Sox) all leaving via free agency.  These three have contributed in major ways to the Angels success in winning the AL West five of the past six years and have to look to new faces to fill these roles, with the same leader Mike Scioscia working his magic as manager.  Scioscia, now the longest tenured manager in baseball with ten years under his belt will continue to be the great leader he is.