Rookie Surprise

by on July 7, 2010   3 Comments

I keep waiting for Brennan Boesh to come back down to earth, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

At the beginning of the season, I can honestly say I had no idea who this kid was. The tigers called him up in late April to replace an injured Carlos Guillen. He honestly wasn’t even supposed to replace Guillen, just take the roster spot open to him. Someone forgot to tell him that. He came up and played extremely well, still in the shadows of Austin Jackson’s strong first month in the league.

Jackson eventually took home the rookie of the month honours for April…while a strong start to Boesh’s career landed him an outfield and DH platoon eventually forcing the tigers to move Guillen to yet another position. He took home his own rookie of the month honours in May (or at least I believe I read that somewhere, but only has April’s winners listed despite it being July). Just to make sure people were noticing, he did it again in the month of June (I know I read about that month).

The Case of the Curious Mets

by on July 2, 2010   One Comment

Omar MinayaThe New York Mets have consistently been making front page news over the past several years. It has not been without good reason either. A team which has been involved in the acquisitions of Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, Fransisco Rodriguez, Jason Bay, J.J. Putz as well as others has earned its fair share of headlines. The corresponding question with these headlines is why the Mets have not received the headlines that should go hand in hand with having several big name all-stars on their roster. Headlines which mention the Mets winning the National League, the N.L. East, or even a Wild Card. With so many big name players, why have the Mets played so poorly?

Stand Up Atlanta

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It is no secret that Atlanta has less than excitable baseball fans.  I truly wish that I could say otherwise, because I love the Braves and baseball and rowdy fandom, but in general, Braves fans care more about texting on their iPhones than baseball.

In recent years I have attended Braves games mostly with my Braves partner in crime, Chris Bartelski. Chris is full on dutch…. which means he’s incredibly loud with no inhabitions.  There have been many times when Chris and I were the only ones making noise or standing.  A couple of years back we’re at a game, Matt Diaz is up to bat, game tied up with a chance to take the lead, and some guy asks us to sit down so he could see.  This type of thing is common in Atlanta and it burns my mitt… especially when I watch a Red Sox game in April and everyone is standing in the 2nd inning.  Now, don’t get me wrong… there are some excitable Braves fans at games… but in general they are found in the cheap seats.