ALL MLB TEAM (Pre-Season 2010)

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Imagine another planet like Earth that also played baseball (or something along those lines, it won’t work for countries because I’m choosing the best of the best for an all MLB team which consists of players from many countries).  Who would you choose to be on your 25 man roster?   Would you choose the best overall player, the young and upcoming prospect that might save your franchise (e.g. “Jesus” Strasburg, I mean Stephen), the big game playoff performers, or your favorites from your team?  Who would you want to manage these superstars?  This is a list of those players and that coach.  However this list does not include your typical bullpen because I am doing this as more of an All-Star of All-Star’s team (or how players are chosen come All-Star time).  There are thousands of players to choose from with the options and possibilities being almost infinite.

Look For These Guys On The Comeback Trail

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2010 could see a bevy of good comeback performances for some key players that suffered from injuries last season. Some notables include;

Xavier Nady: Signed pretty quietly with the Cubs after undergoing Tommy John for the second time in his career, which should say something to his ability to recover from injury. After a career year in 2008 the Cubs  should be optimistic of the production a healthy Nady can bring. A line of .280-18-75 seems entirely possible.

Jay Bruce: Lets forget that Bruce plays in an extreme hitters park and his disappointing .223 AVG last year. Bruce hit 22 home runs in 68 fewer at-bats than when he hit 21 in 2008. He also missed 2 months with a broken wrist, but finished the year very strong with .326-4-17 in his final 46ab’s. Bruce turn’s 23 in April and has a very, very high ceiling. A .353 average in September points to a big 2010.

Brandon Webb: After throwing only 4 innings last season, Webb is primed for a comeback. The most recent reports have him feeling “good” after his latest throwing session and before this injury he was arguably the most consistent pitcher in baseball, never sporting an ERA above 3.59.  A lot of eyes will be on him for the rest of the spring and after picking up his 8.5 million dollar option, the D’Backs will probably be pretty cautious.

2010 MLB Predictions

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In less than one month, the biggest day of the year for myself and many like me will arrive.  I’m not talking about Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or any other official holiday, although it certainly is a like holiday for many.

As Roger Hornsby once said, “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring,” and I can certainly understand exactly what he was talking about.

Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season kicks off on Sunday, April 4th, and it just can’t get here soon enough.

Of course, Spring Training is great. It’s already arrived and is in full swing, but it’s been more than four months since a meaningful game of professional baseball has been played, and that’s about four months too long.

Regardless of whether or not you care about the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, it certainly will be a breath of fresh air when those two rivals take the field on Opening Night.  Just to see that packed stadium and those players take the field for a game that actually counts in the standings will surely be enough to bring a smile to any baseball fan’s face.

So, with that, I bring you my predictions for the 2010 Major League Baseball season.

Prince Plunking

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On September 6th, 2009, Prince Fielder hit a walk-off home run against the San Fransisco Giants (video), flies like an airplane around the bases, untucks his jersey, and when he stomps two-footed on home plate, his teammates all fall down in either a bowling pin and/or bomb-type celebration.  Yesterday was the first time Fielder faced the Giants since the incident and he took the first pitch he saw from Barry Zito in the ribs – the way it should be.  Fielder didn’t take exception, he took his base and said afterword that he hopes they can move on and play baseball – again, the way it should be.  Some people, like Mike Golic on Mike & Mike in the Morning, see no reason for this type of retaliation, which is an argument that I don’t think you need to be a baseball lifer to find completely ridiculous.

Top Fantasy Players in AL West

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Here is a look as to who I believe would be the best player available at each position from the AL West in 2010 Fantasy Baseball.  There are only four teams in this division so there are not as many choices as is the case with the rest of baseballs division’s but there is still plenty of talent.  Also included on the list are five close call players or quality backups worth having on your team from out west.                                                                                                                 

NO-NO, Matey!

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With a name like Mateychick, you might be thinking of a swashbuckling pirate wench.  However,  this young college hurler is far from it.  On Wednesday afternoon, Wichita State freshman hurler Tobin Mateychick took the mound for the first time.  This was the final game of WSU’s mid-week series with North Dakota State.

Best Baseball Movies of All-Time

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If you love baseball, then you love baseball movies.  More specifically, you love baseball comedies.  Since baseball is such a difficult game, filled with eccentric personalities and odd characters, it makes for a great subject for funny movies.  Sometimes film makers try to mix drama, romance, or action into the storyline, but the comedic relief always comes from the baseball.

Here are some of the best baseball movies of all-time by category, starting with the Best Baseball Cult Classic of All-Time – Bing Long’s Traveling All-Stars and Motors Kings (pictured).

Cubs Sign Serrano, not Pedro.

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If you’re anything like me, when you heard the Chicago Cubs signed a Cuban defector named Serrano, your first thought was, “Pedro Serrano?”

Unfortunately, no.  Juan Vasser Serrano doesn’t have the same hype surrounding him as the Major League character, signing for $250,000 and most likely to be assigned to either high-A or double-A following spring training. reports he throws 89-92 with a slider, which sounds a lot like 80% of professional pitchers.

I’m putting the over-under at three for how many drunk fans tell Serrano, “Es very bad steal Jobu’s rum, es very bad,” per game.  Hats for bats, keep bats waaarm… gracias.

Diamondbacks lock up Upton

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The Arizona Diamondbacks locked up 22-year-old Justin Upton with a 6 year deal worth $51.25 million.  Upton is coming off a year in which he posted a .300 batting average with an .899 OPS.  Upton also knocked 26 homeruns drove in 86 runs, while stealing 20 bases in 138 games, earning his first career All-Star appearance.

This is a fantastic deal for both Upton and the Diamonbacks organization.  Arizona buys out all of Upton’s remaining arbitration years plus two years of free agency, while Upton is set to become a free agent at age 28, entering his prime and likely getting ready for a big contract.  

Detroit Tigers add Tryout Camp

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It’s a big of a short notice, but the Detroit Tigers have scheduled a tryout camp on March 8th at their Tigertown complex in Lakeland, Florida.  Registration starts at 8 a.m., but is free of charge, with the tryout beginning at 9 a.m.  The Tigers encourage ex-professional and college players from the ages of 18-23 to attend.  A couple of other tryouts have been added to the Events in the premium content section of the site, which can be accessed for just $9.99/year – namely with the Golden League, Northern League, and Continental Leagues – all of which are independent professional leagues.