Sparks Steroid List Rumors

by on January 31, 2010   3 Comments posted an alleged list of the “leaked” 103 names that tested positive for steroids in 2003.  The list is most likely fake, but interesting enough to post here.

Golden Baseball League Leads DH Debate

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The independent Golden Baseball League has abolished the DH rule for 2010, and will let pitchers take their shot at the plate every 9th hitter.  Not only is this a terrible idea at the independent level of professional baseball, but I would argue that the National League should get with program and add the DH, too.

College Top Prospects by Conference

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Five Tool Prospects will be releasing the top 20 prospects in every college conference (NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO) starting next Monday. We will continue to release our predictions for a few conferences per day by alphabetical order.

Using the help of college coaches, scouts, and our premium members, we will be collecting scouting reports on these players throughout the season and continue to follow them into their professional careers.  NOTE:  We are still looking for bloggers for most college conferences – the best fit for our site are fans that are season ticket holders and enjoy to talk baseball.  E-mail for more information.

Cardinals Get A LHP; Sign Hill

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In a previous post, I had mentioned my on the Cardinals needing a left handed starter. I even threw out a name I was hopeful for(Jarrod Washburn). Apparently I was nowhere close to what the Cardinal brass were thinking as the lefty they had in mind was ex-Cub prospect, Rich Hill. Hill is a guy who seems like he’s been around forever but really hasn’t. He turns 30 in March, only has 70 major league starts to his name and is coming off the worst season of his career. He wasn’t just bad in limited time last year, he was awful. An era near 8(7.80), 10.6h/9, 6.2bb/9 and 7 homers allowed in 57.2ip. One bright spot is that Hill kept near his career average k/9 with 7.2/9 in ’09 with 8.1/9 for a career. Another is that presuming he fills the back end of the rotation, he will give a totally different look than the rest of the staff. A lefty who’s out pitch is a huge, sweeping curve and relies on the strikeout as much as anything.

MLB Off-Season Report Card: AL Central

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Today’s look is at the AL Central, projected finish, and update on off-season moves.

Ben Sheets Sign’s With A’s

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It has been announced that Ben Sheets has signed a 1-year deal with the Oakland Athletics for $10 million and incentives. Sheets will give a veteran, all-star presence to the Oakland rotation assuming he can stay healthy, but this is a strange signing. The A’s are the darlings of the “Moneyball” era. Spending this amount of money on a single year free agent really only makes sense if the A’s intend to trade Sheets at the deadline. Even so, how much of that 10 million they will have to eat is anybody’s guess. Sheets is a 4 time all-star with a career 3.72 era and 7.6k/9ip.

In lesser, but still notable news, OF Xavier Nady has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Cubs pending a physical. The deal will pay $3.3 million in base salary with performance incentives that could ultimately make the contract worth $5.35 million.

MLB Off-Season Report Card – AL East

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As pitchers and catchers get closer to reporting, Five Tool Prospects takes a closer look how each team faired this off-season and their outlook for the 2010 campaign.

Pitching Potential: Rick VandenHurk

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When you look at Rick VandenHurks totals for his career 150 major league innings nothing immediately off the page. But look a little deeper and we see a potential dark horse candidate for the back end of the Marlins rotation who could make a big impact. VandenHurk, who turns 25 on May 22nd, stands 6’5 and works with a low 90’s fastball that occasionally has some tail, a hard, mid 80’s 12 to 6 curve and a pretty good sinking changeup in the low 80’s. He does have the tendency to get the fastball up which leads to a lot of homers, but this could be the year he gets it all together assuming he can stay healthy.

Baseball: A Gentleman’s Game – Cap Anson

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“When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch.” ~Ty Cobb

Three cheers for the game of baseball, widely considered “the gentleman’s game” by its loyal fans; many of whom never played the game, knew someone who played it, or read the stories of the fabled legends that popularized the game, several of whom might have stabbed you if you called them a gentleman.  In the first edition of what I plan to be a reoccurring article entitled, “Baseball: A Gentleman’s Game,” we take a brief look at the life and actions of one baseball’s biggest jerks – Cap Anson.

St.Louis Cardinals Off-Season Pt.2

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My first post on the Cardinals focused primarily on the major off-season signing of Matt Holliday, the devastating middle of the order it would create, the bullpen and some other needs. This time around it’s time to focus on the supporting cast .